Plain Texts

Plain Texts are available only to members of the Society, to whom they are distributed free of charge when appearing at the same time as Annual Texts.

Vol.TitleMembers only
1Rauf de Linham, Kalender, ed. T. Hunt (1983)Out of print
2Philippe de Thaon, Comput, ed. I. Short (1984)Out of print
3Les Gius Partiz des Eschez, ed. T. Hunt (1985)Out of print
4Le Petit Bruit, ed. D. Tyson (1988)
5Orthographia Gallica, ed. R.C. Johnston (1988)
6Walter de Bibbesworth: Le Tretiz, ed. W. Rothwell (1990)
7Amys e Amillyoun, ed. H. Fukui (1990)
8La Destructioun de Rome, ed. L. Formisano (1990)Our of print
9Liber Donati, ed. B.S. Merrilees & B. Sitarz-Fitzpatrick (1993)
10The Anglo-Norman Folie Tristan, ed. I. Short (1993)Out of print
11Le Livre de Catun, ed. T. Hunt (1994)
12Sermons on Joshua, vol. I, ed. T. Hunt (1998)Out of print
13Sermons on Joshua, vol. II, ed. T. Hunt (1998)
14Eighteen Anglo-Norman Fabliaux, ed. I. Short & R. Pearcy (2000)
15Barthélemy l’Anglais: le Livre des Regions, ed. B.A. Pitts (2006)Out of print
16Three Anglo-Norman Chronicles, ed. P. Ricketts (2011)
17Le Donei des amanz, ed. A. J. Holden (2013)
18An Anglo-Norman Medical Compendium, ed. T. Hunt (2014)
19An Anglo-Norman Pharmacopoeia, ed. T. Hunt (2017)
20Philippe de Thaon: Bestiaire, ed. I. Short (2018)
21Lettre d'Alexandre sur les merveilles de l'Inde, ed. B. Pitts (2019)
22Floire et Blancheflur, ed. I. Short (2020)
23Les Proverbes del Vilain, ed. K. Busby (2021)
24Disticha Catonis: Everard and Elias de Wincestre, ed. T. Hunt (2022)

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