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The Annual Texts series is the Society’s longest-running series of publications. The first volume published was Trethewey’s edition of La Petite Philosophie in 1939, with the most recent being Pitts’ Revelacion (2010). Amongst the many highlights in the series are Pope’s Romance of Horn (finished by Reid), a collaborative edition of Fouke le Fitz Waryn, Holden’s Protheselaus, and Hunt’s Chant des chanz; two of the three-volume editions (Hesketh’s Lumere as Lais and Burrows’ Vie de seint Clement) received the Prix De La Grange from the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres.

The Occasional Publications series was launched in 1984, with a memorial volume in honour of T.B.W. Reid, one of the Society’s most distinguished officers. The highlights of the series include Dean and Boulton’s monumental guide to Anglo-Norman texts and manuscripts, Short’s authoritative study of Anglo-Norman language, and the three-volume edition of the History of William Marshal, one of the Society’s most requested publications.

The Plain Texts series features pamphlet-style editions of shorter works, presenting critical text and variants, but without the longer introduction and more detailed notes found in the Society’s other publications. Amongst the treasures in this series are Johnson’s edition of the Orthographia gallica, Rothwell’s edition of Bibbesworth’s Tretiz, and Short and Pearcy’s collection of Anglo-Norman fabliaux. Plain Texts are not for sale, and are supplied only to members as part of their subscription.

At present, a significant number of the Society’s earlier publications are out of print, but we are currently pursuing possibilities for reprinting them, and hope to be able to announce concrete plans in this respect in the near future.

The Society welcomes suggestions for future editions, and editors are invited to discuss their plans with the Secretary.

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